Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sharp Twin Famicom Smells Funny

Dust bunnies, maggots, missing buttons and more. Yes, after thirty-ish years a Famicom can gather a lot of dust and much more. But yesterday I got a Sharp Twin Turbo that blew my mind.

When ordering off Yahoo Auctions (those of you who have the pleasure of doing so), it is always a crapshoot when ordering the items listed as "Junk". While obviously not "junk", an item labeled as this simply means that what you see is what you get. Sometimes it has missing parts, sometimes it's fully broken, or sometimes the seller simply doesn't know the item well and wants to cover their ass. Either way, a "junk" item will always sell at a fraction of the price of a confirmed working item. Risk and reward.

Anyhow, my "junk" Sharp Twin Turbo finally came. It looked alright in the picture and I have enough experience with them under my belt to deal with most issues. But when I opened up the box and unwrapped the plastic bag covering it, it was not my eyes that were surprised, but my nose. This thing had been pissed on.

Not an overwhelming amount of piss, but piss nonetheless. My imagination leads me to believe that the introduction of a new puppy to some poor bastard's tiny Japanese household began a series of events that lead to this poor twin turbo being turned into a urinal. Instead of dealing with the mess, Famicom-san (at the urging of his wife, who hated the old thing anyways) simply posted it on Yahoo and cut his losses.

clean sharp twin famicom

A nice hot bubble bath got it as good as new, but what a stank surprise.

What's the worst you've ever seen?

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  1. Due to a lack of employment, my retro gaming budget is pretty low, so I paid for half of a $140 Twin Famicom, and the other half was an x-mas gift from the folks. The guy sent the plug and the Famicom Disk drive in a separate box to save me some shipping. Had to get an actual FDS for a drive swap because the tiny little circuit board attached to the drive motor was snapped beyond repair. Just paid for someone to get a replacement power adapter as mine had an exposed wire leading to the adapter box that was exposed and snapped when I moved it a few weeks ago. Over $250 later, and I STILL have to wait about a month to play Doki Doki Panic, which I got AFTER the adapter broke! I win.